Perils / Explosion

While all losses are traumatic and serious events, an explosion loss is particularly dangerous as it is a sudden and unexpected event.  From manufacturing facilities and warehouses to general commercial properties and homes, the damage from an explosion can cause major damage and even complete destruction of your property.  Explosions are not always the giant fireball event you see in the movies, so it’s important to talk to a professional adjuster.
Explosion losses are tricky and we have found that many aren’t sure if their insurance covers an explosion.  And, if they are, they may not understand the complexities involved with their explosion damage claim. Only an expert public adjuster knows the ins-and-outs of specific coverages based on properly interpreting the carrier’s own definition of what an explosion is. It all affects your claim. As you work to restore your business or life, there is no reason for you to go it alone.
The Sill Adjustment Company rapidly outlines and details the entire scope of the damage. Sill’s experts define the construction processes, clean up techniques and critical estimates necessary to fix the damaged area and other areas that may have been exposed to future issues due to explosion damage. Moreover, the Sill Company develops and delivers a highly detailed estimate of damages that will work to your advantage in building your explosion damage insurance claim against your insurance company.
There is no need for you to face a large insurance company on your own. The Sill Adjustment Company has over 85 years of experience supporting clients just like you.

When a loss occurs, the Sill Adjustment Company is pleased to provide you an immediate,
no cost, on-site inspection and review of your loss and your insurance policy.




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